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Play Leather!

The Grip Master Genuine Leather Grip is designed for the serious golfer looking to improve every aspect of their game. Play leather and get a grip on your game.

If you're looking for a grip that will wear in and not wear out. A grip that will grip in all weather conditions, rain hail and shine. And of course a grip that performs in the heat of competition, particularly the heat of tropical and sub tropical competition. Then you should get serious and play the worlds finest handcrafted leather grips. The #1 Leather Grip used on every major golfing tour worldwide.

All Weather Leather!

For serious golfers who play rain hail or shine there's nothing worse than a grip that slips right in the middle of the downswing.

Playing in the rain with freezing hands is enough to dampen your game, let alone not being able to get hold of your clubs properly. But with the help of technology and ProTack we've created a leather grip that's playable in all weather conditions. Just rub them down with a damp towel, this activates the ProTack, which gives them that nice, I won't move in the middle of your downswing feeling.


ProTack enhances the grip. Moisture, either in the air or from the skin, is absorbed then reacts with the ProTack to create a soft but tacky grip. The natural breathing action of leather helps distribute the ProTack and preserves the gripping properties for years.

Hand Made

In the age of the mass produced, moulded rubber grips, it's nice to know our leather grips are hand wrapped or hand sewn then fitted just like any other standard grip ... by hand.

#1 On Tour

The Grip Master is the number one leather grip on tour. We select the finest full grain, drum milled, natural leather available, put the hide through a proprietary process that gives the leather it's great reassuring feel and touch that all tour players are looking for.


Our flagship leather. This ultra lightweight and very strong leather, has been a hit on tour since we introduced it. It is the toughest and most durable of skins, with a very consistent grip retention. This grip will feel the same for a very long time.

Exotic Leather!

We make the finest, limited edition, genuine exotic leather putter grips money can buy. Kangaroo, Ostrich, Water Snake, Crocodile and Alligator to name but a few.

How traditional values can improve your touch
We're the world's first manufacturer of a truly one-piece, pre-wrapped, slip-on leather golf grip. We have a combined 75 years experience in the leather industry...
How the StitchBack can help grip alignment
Many players on Tour across the globe use our grips on the their clubs. This affords them consistency and durability, that can only be found in leather...
How grip technology helps your game
Grip Master golf grips will last much longer than any rubber or synthetic grips with the correct grip care. Other grips often need to be changed every month...
The Number One Leather Grip On Tour!
This week we're checking out what's in Pádraig Harrington's bag. There's quite a few surprises and quite a few tips from many player's on tour


Correct Fiting is essential so please watch instructional videos below.

Bostik 1222 Rubber Cement
Brampton HF-100 Grip Solvent

Play Leather!

The Grip Master - Packers Kangaroo Sewn Swinger

Tour Edition ultra lightweight very strong leather, it's been a hit on the tour since we introduced it with a feel that promotes confidence, as it offers real feedback. Suitable for Woods and Irons.

The Grip Master - Tour Classic Wrap Swinger

Genuine leather in the "older" Traditional wrap style, but with modern day technology that will give the player ultimate confidence in all weather conditions.

The Grip Master - Stitchback Swinger

Genuine leather that has that feel that cannot be duplicated with manmade materials. These grips  have  the added bonus of better feel and traction to promote soft hands. The baseball stitching down the back will suit those who might be looking for that reminder rib feel.

The Grip Master - Sewn Swinger

Genuine leather that has that feel that cannot be duplicated with manmade materials. These grips  have  the added bonus of better feel and traction to promote soft hands.

The Grip Master - Laced Tour Putter

The beautiful soft feel/touch of Cabretta Leather in this more traditional Pistol Shaped Putter grip, suited to all hand sizes, but particularly Women, as being a smaller profile in shape, it is ideal for smaller hands.

The Grip Master - Laced Mid Size Putter

The beautiful soft feel/touch of Cabretta leather, now available in a larger Pistol Style Putter grip, which is fast becoming the Putter grip of choice for all level of players, up to and including extensive use on all world PGA Tours.

The Grip Master - Laced Paddle Putter

The beautiful soft feel/touch of Cabretta leather used to make this Oversized Parallel body shape Putter Grip is just amazing! This grip model is suited to larger size hands, but can also provide the platform for any hand size to sit comfortably to promote soft hands which is the key to putting.

The Grip Master - Laced Feather Lite Putter 

The beautiful soft feel/touch of Cabretta leather, combined with the newest member of the TGM Putter stable, is following the current trend of using a Light Weight Oversized/Jumbo putter grip shape to promote soft hands, that releases any hand or arm tension, resulting in a deadly accurate putting motion.

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